Why the majority of farmers aren't using farm management software, and what we, at Alpha Brown,

“These tools are usually not good for small, diverse farming.”

“We find the cost of the software to be too high with our narrow profit margins.”

“It has to be priced according to farm size.”

“Most farm software is ill-suited for small farm situations/needs.”

“The small grain farmers are left out.”

Those are examples of the responses we receive from farmers when asked what they think of farm management software. Our research over the last 3 years, revealed that only 12%-15% of farmers are using some kind of farm management softwares (the rest are mostly using Excel).

Our view is that the industry as a whole, does not pay attention enough for farmers' needs:

  1. Current FMS solutions do not provide adequate solution to the needs of small farms, that constitute the majority of U.S. farms.

  2. Softwares are usually dedicated to one sector only, such as field crops, dairy, livestock, plantations, etc, while most of U.S. farms, even small ones, operate more than one sector. Most farms manage several agricultural sectors, and thus need more than one, sector-specific software solution.

  3. Farmers wish for a software that will help them manage their farm, especially in the financial aspect of profit & loss, and not to be managed by the software. Actually, only a few farmers approach us and asked for a software that will remind them when to spray fertilizers or pesticides.

We, at Alpha Brown, continue our journey to crack the farm management software issue, and in the near future, we intend to launch our own product which will provide an optimal App for farmers at a very low cost (for the farmers), in order to provide us access to more farm data.

We invite anyone who wants to be part of this journey, to contribute and participate in our software development. Participation may include advice, business development, consulting and more. Anyone interested is welcome to contact me - I will be happy to be in touch.


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