Why farmers aren't using farm management softwares?

In surveys that we have been conducting (2017, 2018), it is evident that most of the farmers in the United States and Canada make use of pen & paper and Excel spreadsheets to manage their farm records. Only a minority of them use farm management software.

Even when we checked the findings by farms size, the big picture remains the same. Most big farm owners still think it's right to manage their farms according to traditional methods and to use data-sheets. Big portion of the farmers (all sizes) even use financial softwares such as Quicken and Quick-Book.

The big question is why? Even when there are so many possibilities for softwares in the market and for relatively modest cost.

Our answer is that the majority of the farmers aren't looking for complex solutions, including softwares for gathering real-time data from machines on the farm, or one that can remind them when to handle the fields. They do need advanced software to monitor expenses and to sum up the overall production or for support with financial data (profit and loss). For this Excel is good enough.

Maybe, the bigger question is are farmers ready for precision Ag?

If you have any remarks or need more data from our surveys, please contact me at gil@alphabrown.com

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