New Report: Is the Robotic Harvesting Sector Progressing in the Right Direction?

Our assessment is that the robotic harvesting sector is currently under development and that there are only a few companies that are both close to market-ready and focused on markets in which there is major demand.

In other words, we at Alpha Brown assess in a new report that over half of the companies currently working to build robots will find that their potential market is limited for the near future.

As of this time, there are 12 companies building robotic harvesting devices, and over the course of this study Alpha Brown classified them into 3 different categories:

A. Tier 1: Products that are either on the market or very near to reaching it, and also have a great deal of market potential – currently there are 4 companies included in this section.

B. Tier 2: Products that are a) several years from market ready and/or b) have limited market potential - currently there are 6 companies included in this section.

C. Tier 3: Products that are not market ready and have low market potential - currently there are 2 companies included in this section.

The market is only ready, at this stage, for the early-adopters, and they will most likely be from the bigger farms and from sectors of farming that are more dependent on seasonal labor for harvesting.

To download the full report for free:

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