An emerging interest of farmers in agri-drones and its potential develop process in Agriculture mark

Agriculture technologies gain more attention by the farmers through the last years. The industry is one of the earliest but the youngest among others to enter technologies into. Nevertheless, the market is developing at a very fast pace, with many possibilities.

A yearly ongoing survey conducted by Alpha-Brown included 1800 farmers in the United States at 2016 and 2017 displayed an increase in the scope of use of drones and in the thought of acquiring this technology. A small repeat survey in 2018 showed an increase of 10% in the use of this trend line and an 11% increase in the interest of purchase drones by farmers as can be seen in graph above.

The bottom line - farmers' interest in drone for daily use of farming is growing, and we at Alpha-Brown will keep monitoring the trends.

More information about the scope of use and the market potential of drone in agriculture is available on our study -

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