New Report: The Popularity of Organic Farming is Growing Rapidly - More Than 50,000 Organic Growers

The popularity of organic production is growing rapidly. Many farmers turn to organic farming, completely eliminating the use of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers, replacing them with organic substances. Many customers of farming production regard organic food as especially healthy, considering the fact that there are no chemical supplements or fertilizers that can somehow damage their systems.

The influence of organic farming has increased to the extent that even non-organic farms now start utilizing the practices of organic farming methods. “Practitioners of conventional agriculture are now borrowing “organic” techniques to reduce the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers and excessive tillage, and to increase on-farm biodiversity, beneficial insects and soil conservation…All of a sudden, many conventional vegetable farms are starting to look organic”.[1]

According to USDA report, in 2015 there were nearly 20,000 certified organic farms, ranches and other facilities in the U.S. However, due to the large interest from consumers who buy organic products, the number of organic farms has increased rapidly during last years. The growing market of organic production requires new biotechnological solutions to support this demand.

According to the recent survey conducted by Alpha Brown among U.S and Canada farmers, 36% of our respondents claim that they grow only organic food.

This information indicate that the farmers’ community, which grows strictly organic food today consists of more than 50,000 farmers, which calls for even more effective bio-technological solutions in this area.

In order to analyze the present situation in the field of organic farming, Alpha Brown will publish a special report examining the farmers’ views on organic and Bio-pesticides. In the upcoming report we will check the patterns of organic pesticides’ usage based on the size of farm and farming operations. We hope to provide detailed overview of the farmers’ opinions in regard to this particular industry.



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