New Opportunities on the Bio-Pesticides Market

Over the past few years the activity is the bio-pesticide sector has increased rapidly. Many Ag biotechnology companies have developed new technologies as part of a global trend aiming to create healthier environment that would make farming more efficient.

Organic pesticides, as opposed to chemical pesticides, rely entirely on ecological processes instead of chemical interventions. The use of bio-pesticides is important for farmers, since it serves the purpose of creating a healthy environment that minimizes damage to people and animals.

Many potential investors seek for new business opportunities and partnerships with Ag biotech companies. According to AgFunder’s Agrifood Tech Investing Report (2017), the median size of agri-food deals increased by 67% - to $2 million from $1.2 million. As in 2016, Ag biotechnology posted the highest median as a capital-intensive category; Ag biotechnology financing contained some of the largest deals of the year.

Today there are about 120 companies operating on the global market, that develop biological pesticides. Most of these companies operate in India and U.S.A. with additional 4-9 companies established each year, as evident from the graph attached. All of the above make the Ag biotechnology sector particularly interesting in in the context of future potential investments.

Alpha Brown has decided to create a unique research to investigate potential business opportunities in the agricultural technological market. The study aims to present the farmers’ point of view on the organic pesticide industry, its advantages and disadvantages together with their specific preferences. In the near future we hope to provide an updated overview of the farmers’ opinions on the bio-pesticides industry, their scope of usage and future expectations.

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