Small farms are the growth engine for the IoT industry

As part of our research on the IoT, we have conducted interviews with experts in the sphere of IoT Ag-Tech discussing the latest trends in this industry.

Dr. Itay Miyara is a founder and CEO of Grofit developing IoT solutions, a company that offers sensors for the measurements of temperature, soil irrigation, relative humidity and fertilization.

During the conversation, Dr. Miyara raised a number of points in connection with the IoT solutions, from his long experience in agriculture. The first point is that the term IoT does not relate to specific service or product. IoT includes a set of solutions.

This is the reason why there is no general definition of the IoT concept, and each company defines it differently. Dr. Miyara's distinction sheds light on one of the central issues that may delay the expansion of the use of IoT solutions.

The second, perhaps even more interesting observation is that the main concern is IOT's ability to connect sensors and transmit information rather than increase the number of sensors in the farms.

The third and most interesting distinction Dr. Miyara suggested is that small farms are the main growth engine for adopting the IOT concept. This observation is also consistent with the studies we perform, including surveys among farmers mainly in the United States.

There are several reasons for this, but it seems that the main thing is that small farms are at the most sensitive position in regard to their profit margin. Any technology that can increase productivity and reduce costs can be in the basket of possible solutions for them.

For more info about Dr. Miyara's company, Grofit, see the following link –

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