IoT in agriculture - What farmers prefer - the "I" or the "T"?

The issue of technology in agriculture, including IoT, is the focus of increasing attention. We at Alpha Brown have decided to investigate the matter and how farmers see this issue.

In a study we conducted which included a survey of more than 1500 farmers in the U.S and Canada, we asked them many questions about IoT, and the survey and research results will be published soon.

I think it is worthwhile to point out a very interesting and surprising point based on the results, and in response to the question "what is the most important component of the IoT for farmers?" We found that farmers prefer better connectivity rather than more data. Meaning, farmers don't seek more sensors, but rather to make sure that all the data will flow in a comfortable and easy manner.

Therefore, I can assume that they are looking more for the "I" (the internet), rather than more of the "things" (sensors). What is the meaning for IoT suppliers? Make sure the farmers have better control of the data before you offer them more data collection options.


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