Farmers’ growing Interest in IoT Solutions – what is needed to make it into a new technological revo

The Internet of the things in agriculture (IoT) consists of two parts; the Internet (Connectivity) - and the Things (Equipment and physical devices) - connecting between farm equipment, sensors, areas and devices to enable farmers with better and much more efficient farm control. In the agriculture industry, many IoT solutions are designed for various fields, such as crops, livestock, greenhouses, dairy, etc.

Our recent study shows that more than 50% of farmers are interested in IoT solutions and hope these would enhance their farm operation. It is easy to understand this interest, since most of those farmers indicated that they grow fruits and vegetables – crops that require greater control of large areas; therefore, farmers’ need to monitor their farms leads to a growing interest in IoT solutions.

Our recent research and studies show that there are two main advantages that farmers are expecting to gain from using agriculture IoT solutions. Among these are enhancing decision-making process and increasing profitability. This interest is a good sign for the future of the agriculture IoT solutions market, however, to affect the whole agriculture industry, make operations efficient and create new opportunities as well as solutions for all players – farmers must be convinced that IoT would indeed male their operation easier and more affordable.

In other words, farmers are very interested in embedding IoT technological solutions in their operation, but the way to turn this into a factor that will revolutionize the world of agriculture is to convince them in the ability of IoT to provide clear results.

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