The proliferation of cheap and easy-to-fly drones has triggered a rise in the number of incidents where the safety and security of individuals and facilities has been compromised. Key facilities such as the above can also be targeted by hacker attacks via drones, in attempt to obtain sensitive information or to disrupt activity. However, the most frightening scenario, which is slowly becoming more realistic, is the threat posed by weaponized drones, possibly attacking civilians in public venues. In short, what used to be a two-dimensional security problem – stopping intruders at ground level – has now become a three-dimensional one, as security breaches can also come from above.


Hence, countermeasures against these threats have been under development in recent years, in an attempt to protect sensitive facilities and human lives, and to provide security. Governments worldwide are working to find solutions​.​

This report will cover the primary drone countermeasures existing in the market today.​

UAV Countermeasures