What this Study Offers Our Clients:

Irrigation has long presented a challenge to farmers who seek to use water efficiently, maintain the mineral content of their soil, and optimize yield.  Therefore, it is no surprise that technological solutions have been developed in order to achieve those goals through: sensors for monitoring soil/plant moisture, systems for overseeing irrigation, and remotely operated irrigation systems. 

Alpha Brown has conducted a unique study that investigates the market potential for smart irrigation systems.

Our research is based on:

  1. An extensive survey examining the current situation of the smart irrigation market and analyzing the potential customers’ awareness of and interest in the latest technological developments.
  2. Research on irrigation systems on the market, presenting an overview of several systems


Table of Contents

  1.  Executive Summary
  2. List of Figures
  3. Respondents, Methodology
  4. Main Conclusions
  5.  Introduction
  6.  Chapter 1: How Farmers Irrigate Today
  7.  Chapter 1: Summary
  8. Chapter 2: Smart Irrigation – Gauging Farmers’ Interest
  9. Chapter 2: Summary
  10. Chapter 3: Market Potential
  11.  Chapter 4: Farmers’ Expectations
  12. Chapter 5: Leading Smart Irrigation Systems


List of figures:

Figure 1 - Distribution of Respondents by Country

Figure 2 - Distribution of U.S. Respondents by Region

Figure 3 – Map of % of Irrigated Harvested Cropland (U.S.)

Figure 4 – Farmers’ Irrigation Expense Per Acre

Figure 5 – Use of Smart Irrigation

Figure 6 – Familiarity with Smart Irrigation

Figure 7 – How Smart Irrigation is Prioritized in the Budget

Figure 8 – Which Aspects of Smart Irrigation Appeal Most to Farmers

Figure 9 – Interest in Smart Irrigation by Farm Size

Figures 10, 11 – Interest in Smart Irrigation by Region

Figure 12 – Interest in Smart Irrigation by Irrigation Expenditures

Figure 13 – Smart Irrigation Market Potential

Figure 14 – How Farmers See Advantages of Smart Irrigation

Figure 15 –  How Farmers See Drawbacks to Smart Irrigation


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Smart Irrigation - Market Potential