1. The agricultural technology ("ag-tech”) industry is rapidly expanding. On the supply side, billions of dollars are poured into research and development of advanced products intended to make farming more efficient and less labor-intensive. 

2. On the demand side, while many farmers appear interested in applying technological solutions to improve their bottom line, only limited numbers have invested in ag-tech thus far.

This report assesses the industry of robotic harvesting solutions to identify both its current status and where future opportunities exist

4.In a previous report, Alpha Brown noted the high level of demand for robotic harvesting solutions and that the market for early adopters alone could reach $5.5 billion

5.Based on a large-scale opinion survey of farmers primarily in North America, the research assessed that nearly one-third of farmers are interested in such products.

6.However, it also emphasized the fact that this market potential is not evenly distributed – with some types of farms more conducive to the use of such devices than others (based on farm size, type of produce, etc.).

7.We are now examining the supply side of the robotic harvesting market. Focusing on products that have reached the market or are in the process of development, we analyze robotics harvesting technologies according to (a) market readiness and (b) market demand.

8.This report identifies numerous products that have been released or are expected to be released in the coming years, concluding that an unclaimed multi-billion dollar market exists for potential investment.

Robotic Harvesting Sector – Products and Companies Analysis