An overview of the tech industry in Capetown, South Africa: general trends, business opportunities and major market leaders. Capetown is a city in transition to become the continent's hi-tech capital. As such, the country leads in FDI influx in Africa; in 2016, FDI influx increased by 38% compared to 2015, reaching the modest level of USD 2.4 billion. The sectors attracting the most FDI are energy, telecommunication and services. Additionally, nearly all business sectors are open to foreign investors. Government approval is not required and there are few restrictions on how or how much foreign entities can invest. Additionally, the Government has put in place various measures to encourage foreign investments, including simple tax rules, investment incentives, a better regulatory policy on competition, protection of intellectual rights and more. 

This overview is especially important to foreign investors who are looking for business opportunities in Capetown, within the realm of high tech. 

Hi-Tech Market in Capetown, South Africa

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