If you are interested in the food apps this research is for you. The study focuses on New York but it gives a comprehensive picture regarding the challenges involved for this sector. Since the study is based on a survey, it is possible to learn what consumers want and how to do it better, alongside to the broad picture of the competition and leading players.

The main findings you can find in the report:

  • The food delivery application market in the US and greater NY area is growing, and over 2 million people are already using them today.
  • Although there is a growing competition from new and large aggregators, food delivery can add up expanding more. Our research, based on a consumer survey conducted by Alpha Brown, indicates that the market could potentially double itself and reach over 4 million users daily in the Greater New York Area.
  • Manhattan is, unsurprisingly, the area in which food delivery apps are used the most (one third). Brooklyn is also a popular area. Other areas are characterized by lower use rates, which could be understood as potential to target these unsaturated areas.
  • If you decide to invest in a food ordering application, it should focus on satisfy customers’ needs. Customer look for applications who are easy to use and pay, those who give them discounts and low minimum order. Customers also prefer wide restaurants availability, easy navigation and payment methods.
  • The food delivery application market becomes more and more competitive as it grows. To gain a competitive edge, a new product must be appealing to customers and fulfil their requirements and needs, according to the findings of these study.
  • Contents:

    • Definition of the Studied Product/Service

    • Market Potential



    • NY GREATER AREA - Market Segmentation – Potential Customers.

    • Users’ attitude towards food delivery applications. 7

    • Competitive landscape

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Food delivery applications in the US and greater NY area - Market Potential

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