1. The modern agricultural farms of today present a challenge for management, particularly in a country such as the U.S., with many large farms growing a wide range of crops. The need to develop effective financial strategies requires from farmers to embrace new technological solutions that will improve profitability.
  2. Alpha Brown, a leading market research company focusing on technological solutions in agriculture, has conducted a unique study, which aims to estimate the potential market for farm management software.
  3. Our research was based on:
  • Extensive survey aiming to examine the current situation on the market and to analyze the potential customers’ awareness of the latest technological developments.
  • Research on farm management software systems on the market, presenting an overview of several FMS systems


  • The study is based on a survey conducted among 1490 farmers and ranchers, most of them form the U.S.


This study applies a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods, and is based on the following:

  • A comprehensive survey conducted in 2018 and early 2019, sent to thousands of farmers and growers mostly in the U.S.
  • In-depth review of several major companies currently developing farm management software worldwide.
  • Data regarding new investments in this field.

Main Conclusions:

  • Our research has revealed that the majority (80%) of farmers in the U.S. today invest in agricultural technologies. We have discovered that most of them spend a relatively small part of the budget on technology (less than $5000 per year). However, FMS systems are the farmers’ top purchase priority in the budget, and 34% of then have claimed that the FMS system would be the technological system they intend to purchase in 2018.
  • Our study will include the following chapters:
    • Chapter 1 - How U.S. farmers manage their farms today?
      • What is the market size of FMS? 
      • Market segmentation based on farm size 
      • FMS usage - market segmentation by farming operation
  •  Chapter 2 – What is the market potential for FMS systems? 
    • Are the farmers aware of the existing FMS solutions? 
    • Farmers in the U.S. considering utilizing FMS 
    • The part of FMS systems in the overall farmers’ technological investments
    • Potential Market:
      • Segmentation by farm size 
      • Segmentation by farming operations 
      • Segmentation by business priorities 
  • FMS systems review


List of figures:

  • Figure 1 -  Distribution of respondents based on country
  • Figure 2 - Distribution of respondents based on farm size
  • Figure 3 – Technical solutions for farm management 
  • Figure  4 - Management Tools Used by Farmers Today
  • Figure  5 -  FMS User Segmentation Based on Farm Size, Level of Interest, and the Number of Farms 
  • Figure  6 - FMS Usage Segmentation by Farming Operations 
  • Figure  7 - Awareness of FMS Systems 
  • Figure  8 - Farmers’ Engagement with FMS.
  • Figure  9 - farm management software and data analytics
  • Figure 10 - Interest in FMS- Segmentation by Farm Size, Level of Interest, and the Number of Potential Farms
  • Figure  11 - Market Segmentation by Farming Operations 
  • Figure  12 - Market Segmentation by Business Priorities


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Farm Management Software (FMS) - Market Potential