A market research that is suitable for drone manufacturers and distributers. The research is based on a survey with 1800 responses among farmers across the U.S. early in 2017 and mid-2017, and aspired to receive their insights about the use of drones in agriculture, as well as their experience of utilizing drones. We also aimed to predict farmers' willingness to purchase and use drones in the future. 



In addition, we specify the agricultural sectors that are mostly interested in using drones in their operations. We also show the main obstacles of drone purchasing among U.S. farmers. 


Our main conclusion is that the agricultural drone market has a potential to expand, and it will, with increasing numbers of farmers planning to purchase drones to increase yields and agricultual efficiency. However, this potential will effectively realize under certain conditions or terms, which we refer to as “terms of success”. The bottom line is that stakeholders must invest mainly in simplifying drone use, including user interface, rather than in further advancing drone capabilities.


Main findings:

  • We found that 7%-9% of American farmers already have a drone in their possession. This enables us to assess the number of drones currently in use with U.S. farmers – roughly 147,000 drones.
  • Considering that the average cost of a drone is $3000, the current U.S. drones in agriculture market is worth $450 million.
  • Among those farmers who already own a drone or hire a company’s services, most are based in the vegetables, fruit, grass-based agriculture, and precision agriculture sectors.
  • 36.1% of participants show some level of interest in purchasing a drone or utilizing this technology.
  • Considering this market’s potential, it is estimated that the overall U.S. agricultural drone market is of 582000 potential customers among farmers, and this worth can reach more than $1.7 billion.
  • One of the most interesting findings is that most of the use of drones among farmers is aimed for farm observation. Other tasks, such as land and crop monitoring by using advanced applications were used to a significantly lesser extent.
  • According to our data, the farming sectors most interested in utilizing agricultural drones in the future are, in this order, grass-based livestock, beef, vegetables, poultry and fruit.
  • It turns out that among those uninterested in drone technology at the moment, only 36% of farmers are reluctant to purchase agricultural drones due to their price, meaning 64% don’t regard the price as an obstacle.
  • Over a third of farmers (39.1%) report gaps in knowledge and a lack of technical skill required for operating the drones as the main reason for not purchasing one. This is most likely the reason why nearly 11% of farmers who already own drones haven’t yet used them and state that they have yet to learn to operate them.


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Drones in Agriculture - Market Research Based on a Survey

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