Targeted Ag-Tech Data Query 

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Alpha-Brown is pleased to offer its clients an access to the Ag-Tech database and to conduct targeted queries


How does it work?

Choose your


First, choose the type of query plan you wish (demand, supply or combined)

Set your  questions

Define the questions you need answers to in order to better understand the business potential

Make a payment

Once you've received a link to your report, sign in and make a payment online


Download the report

Download your research in PDF document format


Choose your plan

Bronze Plan -Explore the demand for Ag-Tech (in the U.S.)

Query on the demand for Ag-Tech in one of following areas (the U.S. market):

  • FMS

  • Robotics

  • Bio-Pesticides

  • Organic Pesticides

  • IoT

  • Drone

  • and more


Gold Plan-

Explore the Ag-Tech market (Supply)

Query on the leading Ag-Tech suppliers in  one of those fields:

  • Seeds

  • Livestock

  • Aquaculture

  • Biotech

  • Irrigation

  • Fertilization

  • Smart farming

  • Crop protection

  • Robotics

  • Post-harvest

  • Aerial monitoring


Platinum Plan-

Explore Ag-tech's Combined Supply /Demand Situation

Order a combined query covering your interest in the demand (bronze plan) and the supply (gold plan) to create comprehensive Ag-Tech picture


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